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Unlimited Users

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Unlimited Customization

Connecting Dots

The BrandIdea Analytics Platform is an out-of-the-box analytical tool that comes plugged in with hundreds of features catering to both  Marketing & Sales teams of Companies.

And while adopting a Platform as is, is possible, it’s functionality is also determined by the features that go beyond what is standard fare. While you may not think you need additional features now, chances are in the future you will.

But, you should know you don’t actually have to choose between a cookie-cutter platform and the significantly more expensive option of a proprietary platform you paid to develop.

Instead, you can choose to partner with BrandIdea. You subscribe to Infinite software configuration & customization as a standard service with the platform subscription (which means you never have to be limited by generic platform features again!).

Sound good? Let’s take a closer look at what BrandIdea Infinity is and how it can benefit you.

Understanding that not every business user uses the Platform in the exact same way, customization is a service provided by BrandIdea that allows for modification specific to each user’s copy of the Platform:
  • With customization, standard features can be adapted to a business users' specific needs or requirements
  • New configurations and updated logic applied to existing data or features.
  • Additional data sets or data modeling can be requested at any time during the engagement
  • You have automatic access to all new features that were built into the platform post Subscription
  • Additionally, features can be added (or removed) per users’ needs

Working with BrandIdea’s customization capabilities,  you are relieved of the anxiety of being stuck with a static software solution that is unlikely to meet your needs over the long term.

Why should you worry about Customizing your Analytical Platform?

  • It is better to be proactive rather than reactive.  Your data requirements will only keep growing – anticipating its pace and form and customization will enable you to leverage it quickly and effectively. Money saved. While a customizable solution does tend to run higher than a generic software system (although dramatically lower than a custom-built, proprietary platform), you save money in the long run through our Customizations through enhanced efficiency of accessing any additional or new feature that was built into the platform post Subscription. Time is money!
  • The platform adapts and grows with you, you don’t change to fit the platform. Instead of using a generic platform that is designed to work for all users, working with BrandIdea you benefit from having a Platform centered on meeting your specific requirements.
  • You can grow organically with the platform at your own pace. With access to customizations developed specifically for your business, the Platform can grow and adapt alongside your organization at the pace that works best for you.
  • You won’t have to migrate to get what you need. No one likes to have to migrate from one Analytics platform to another to get their needs met. Migration is a hassle and in the long term costs you money; if your Analytics is hosted in an adaptable, customizable platform not having to migrate is one less thing for you to worry about (and less money you have to spend!).

In short, you would get better value for money, customer service and support with the BrandIdea Infinity Promise.

Walking Through Confetti

Socks, sandwiches & software

There is no one-size-fits-all in socks, sandwiches, or software.


Eliminate the trade-off between pre-packaged convenience or custom craft design with BrandIdea Analytics Platform’s unique offerings.

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brandidea - infinity

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Modelling

Unlimited Customization

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