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BrandIdea Granular Analytics Platform has been built to help Companies in their end-to-end Marketing, Sales & Distribution functions. 

Critically, the platform comes with built-in granular, hyper-local, last-mile Data on Brands, Consumers & Consumption, Media & Retailers (including Profiles of over 1 crore Retailers in the country) at every Neighborhood / Village in the Country. This data is further processed using advanced data science techniques for generating insights, segmentation, personas, precision targeting, behavioral analysis, category share, coverage gaps, price elasticity, trends, the path to growth, etc.


The Analysis upgrades from Discovery to Diagnostics to Prediction to Prescription. BrandIdea leverages AI and ML algorithms to build models that drive our recommendations, predictions, and prescriptions.

From your Sales data, you can profile your Current User base, look at extending it to the Fringe Users & Non-Users and explore Extended Potential Users on various Metrics, including Willingness to Pay – all these at granular levels of every Neighborhood (urban) & Village (rural).

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Scalable SaaS



Time to Benefit

Seamless Upgrades


Revealing previously unnoticed key points on Markets

Your data is visualized spatially on our proprietory 6.4 lakh Villages maps, 6000 Sub-districts maps, 640 districts maps, 8000 Towns maps & 81,000 Neighborhood maps with the following major benefits:

  1. Better analysis

  2. Quick action

  3. Identifying patterns

  4. Isolating Issues

  5. Understanding the story

  6. Exploring business insights

  7. Grasping the Latest Trends

Work faster. Work better.

Make the most of your time and resources by basing decisions on real, contextual insights from the Platform

Enterprise-level functionalities

With tailor-made features for CXOs to Front-line Managers, the Platform Subscription comes with access to

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Data
& Unlimited Customization

Relevant insights for the entire organization.

Whether you are into Sales, Marketing, Product / Brand Management, Media, or Distribution our Platform can be used across every department. 

Effectively align your Sales and Marketing teams and have them working harmoniously towards the same goal leading to better identification of Opportunity Areas, and faster & better conversion into Revenues. 

Break the silos and bring data, insights, and ideas together

Reduce time spent updating data for meetings & presentations

Take the hard work out of Complicated Analytics

Our platform has been designed & built to make the Business user's life easier, with Insightful data and relevant algorithms.

Faster Insights?Sorted!

Get reliable answers by reviewing the data you need in seconds.

Faster Insights

Make decisions you’d bet your career on?


Make credible decisions, with data you can trust. 


Single Version of Truth (SVoT) across your business?


Analyzing & sharing clear dashboards becomes easier, arming your Organization with a single, consistent view for actionability.

We’re... it together

Signing up with the BrandIdea Analytics Platform means getting more than just analytics software.


We work as an extension of your analytical team & help Co-Create strategies and get your Sales & Marketing initiatives up and running quickly.


Our Product Managers will provide you and your teams with extensive training and ongoing support.

We are true partners with our clients. We would understand the ins and outs of your business and focus on both short-term success and long-term strategic direction.


With priority technical support, we’re on-hand to help solve any issues or questions you have.


We are in a way a feature factory, looking to improve our Platform continuously. 


We’ll keep you up-to-date with new features and the latest best practices that will make your work even easier.

Let's break the Ice

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