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Rural - Birds eye view


The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector in rural and semi-urban India is estimated to cross US$ 100 billion by 2025

The Indian rural economy is getting stronger and stronger making it a great target for Marketers & Consumer-facing players.

Rural Employment Opportunities, Agricultural Revolution, Favorable Government Policies, Increasing Literacy rates, Rising Disposable Income, Desire for Higher Standard of Living, Spread of Mobile & Cable Television, Spiraling Digitization, are all contributing to increasing prospects for rural marketing.

Good monsoons, Tech-based Agro-Ecology, Administered Pricing Mechanism (PAM), and NREGA have led to rising disposable income in rural areas.

Tax exemption in backward areas, subsidy, concession, incentives, and heavy investment in rural development programs have brought rapid growth of rural markets and capital investment plans of Consumer Product Companies.

Many of the second generations are getting white-collar jobs in both nearby & far-away towns. While they earn urban salaries, they continue to live in self-owned homes in villages and command high purchasing power. With an increasingly prosperous & growing middle class, the Rural Landscape is relatively more agnostic to monsoon or cropping patterns. The rural income pyramid is fast morphing into a diamond with 150 million people above the BPL. These will be first-time users of national brands and therefore, offer a huge opportunity to large companies.

A large part of the Indian rural market is under-penetrated for most products and even categories, and with BrandIdea's unique prosperity pyramid, finding markets for your price-point is just a few clicks away.

While you can continue capitalizing on growing urban consumerism, it’s a great time to delve deeper into the hinterland by increasing your focus on the burgeoning Rural Indian Market.

BrandIdea’s robust Rural metrics can help you do just that!

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Evolve your Blue Ocean strategy to capture completely new markets & consumer segments

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Rural Progressive Index (RPI) metric developed exclusively for specific Categories that have helped companies like yours to identify these non-covered high-potential Villages in India's Rural Blue Ocean.

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