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BI - LocaView


The LocaView app is powered by BrandIdea’s Market intelligence.


It is a collection and analysis of carefully collated information about market areas

(Urban & Rural) that are used by Organizations like yours to make informed decisions about their operations and activities in those regions.

The LocaView app provides you with real-time insights into field force operations, including customer engagement, productivity, and more.


LocaView Rural Expansion
Your company's team of sales or marketing personnel who work on the field can benefit from BrandIdea’s LocaView app in the following ways:
  • Market analysis: Provides valuable insights into the urban or rural markets, including consumer nos., retailer numbers, market size, etc., which can help your field team make informed decisions about expansion, right SKUs, pricing, and distribution.


  • Sales and distribution: Assists your field team in identifying potential sales and distribution channels, as well as areas with high category potential. This can help them prioritize their sales and marketing efforts and allocate resources more effectively.


  • Customer engagement: Helps your field force understand the needs and preferences of rural customers, which can inform their engagement strategies and help them build stronger relationships with their customers.


  • Beat Optimization: Our Smart Routing engine can help your field teams identify logistics challenges in urban or rural areas, as well as opportunities for improvement. It recommends the best-optimized beats for coverage or expansion and improves overall operational efficiency.

LocaView Horizontal Expansion

Market Intelligence in the palm of your hands

Key KPI's operable on LocaView

  • RBAC: The app comes with Role-based access controls enabled. i.e., supports granting of hierarchy-based location access/recommendation access/feature access.


  • Outlet Expansion: Identify Potential Outlet clusters to drive horizontal expansion. These clusters are custom build based on your category/requirement.



  • Beat Visualization: Visualize your best-optimized beats for coverage or expansion with turn-by-turn navigation support.

  • Market Prioritization: A Town / Neighborhood / Locality or Village in the country can be visualized and prioritized based on any custom index or variable.

  • D2C / D2H: Direct to Consumer or Direct to Home operations can be mobilized & tracked using our rich household-level data.

  • Other KPI & Customization: Integration of custom KPIs based on business-specific use cases or outcomes.

Overall, the BI LocaView app embedded with BrandIdea’s Market intelligence information can provide valuable inputs that can help your field teams make informed decisions and drive business success in their territories.

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