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Agri Business

The Indian agri-business industry is evolving rapidly, driven by recent deregulations, infrastructure development, and an increased focus on research and professional practices from ‘farm to fork.’

Despite these advancements, several key marketing challenges remain:


Market Segmentation: Categorizing markets based on crops grown, pricing, farm size, and lease terms.


Stakeholder Assessment: Identifying and evaluating all supply-side stakeholders, including farmers, village commission agents, district commission agents, wholesalers, sub-wholesalers, and retailers.


Storage Optimization: Strategically placing storage and warehousing facilities.


Mechanization Optimization: Balancing farm size with yield to enhance mechanization.


Market Classification: Differentiating markets based on their level of infrastructure development.


Marketing Chain Streamlining: Ensuring product freshness through efficient cold storage and distribution systems.


Targeting Yield-Conscious Farmers: Identifying farmers focused on yield and wellness for premium product offerings.

BrandIdea's Advanced Analytics suite includes

Target Identification

Analyzing demographics, rural lifestyles, village infrastructure, and psychographics

Feeder Markets

Identifying & assessing trade network availability and potential market expansion

Rural Personas

Creating detailed profiles to understand and engage rural consumers

Market Prioritization

Utilizing the Rural Progressive Index and detailed sales tagging down to villages and habitations

Granular Segmentation

Classifying markets by crops grown and farm size


Why BrandIdea?

BrandIdea’s Business Analytics Product stands out due to its unmatched granularity and precision. Over the past eight years, we have meticulously modeled data from the ground up, covering 600,000 villages, 7,000 towns, and 100,000 neighborhoods across India. Our array of data science techniques delivers compelling, actionable insights through versatile data visualizations.

By focusing on micro-level interventions, we minimize marketing and sales wastage compared to traditional top-down approaches. Our customized, intense efforts drive higher growth by aggregating the impact of these actions, rather than diffusing it. The multiplicity of our data points enables insightful predictive and prescriptive analytics, uncovering surprising revelations that traditional research methods often miss.

Experience the power of granular data and analytics with BrandIdea. Unlock actionable insights that drive impactful, strategic decisions for your agri-business.

Few Use Cases by Industry

Brandidea for Dairy


By leveraging BrandIdea's market segmentation and stakeholder assessment, a dairy company can identify regions with high milk production, evaluate supply chain stakeholders, and optimize storage locations to ensure the freshness of dairy products. Granular segmentation helps target specific rural personas, increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns for premium dairy products.

Brandidea for Agri Equipment Manufacturers

Agri-Equipment Manufacturers

By analyzing market segmentation and rural personas, agri-equipment manufacturers can identify areas with the highest demand for mechanization. Stakeholder assessment helps in understanding the supply chain dynamics, while feeder market insights facilitate the expansion into new territories.

BrandIdea for Agri Chemicals


Leveraging target identification and feeder market analysis, agri-chemical companies can pinpoint high-demand regions for fertilizers and pesticides. Market classification and stakeholder assessment ensure efficient distribution channels, and rural personas help tailor marketing messages to the most responsive farmers.

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