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Building Materials

Drive Growth in the Building Materials Industry

Unlock Potential with Actionable Insights

The building materials industry in India is poised for long-term growth driven by urbanization trends similar to those seen in China.

Actionable Strategies for Building Material Companies

Diversify Adjacent Categories

Action: Use our Category Builder to address same segment with line-extended offerings.

Benefit: Faster and cost-optimized Go-to-market for new offerings

Target Key Influencers

Action: Identify and target Specifiers at the last mile - close to upcoming projects.

Benefit: Triangulate Specifier > Dealer> Prospective Buyer to create an ecosystem which our sales outreach can tap into continuously.

Leverage your Premium range

Action: Fast-track your premiumization efforts with sharpened targeting to the right micro-markets/ segments.

Benefit: Capture a larger share of the lucrative premium market.

Identify Projects Early

Engage with Dealers

Action: Develop relationships with industry dealers.

Benefit: Enhance brand credibility and reach through trusted voices.

Action: Get access to upcoming infra-development projects & housing.

Benefit: Stay ahead by engaging with projects from the outset.


Why BrandIdea?

  • Actionable Insights: Our granular data modeling from 700,000 villages, 7,000 towns, and 80,000 neighborhoods in India ensures precision.

  • Effective Visualizations: Data science techniques generate powerful visuals that make insights understandable.

  • Minimized Wastage: Customized micro-level interventions reduce marketing and sales effort wastage.

  • High Growth Potential: Aggregated effects of targeted actions drive higher growth than top-down approaches.

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Extensive data points reveal insights that traditional research methods miss.


Unlock actionable insights and drive strategic decisions for your building materials business with BrandIdea.

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