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Suresh Pillai, our CEO, was a Speaker at the Rural Markets Growth Strategy Summit 2017, held on 8th and 9th March 2017 at Courtyard Marriot Hotel, Mumbai.

Speaking on the subject ‘Need for Innovation in your rural market strategy’, Suresh Pillai explained how Brandidea can help to foster innovation in choosing the Rural markets (Where to Play) and effectively reaching and exploiting the selected markets (How to Play) and monitoring progress (Track the Play). He reiterated that it is not so much the granularity of data that makes BrandIdea unique but the powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics inbuilt into the application.

While acknowledging the importance of marketers frequenting the rural markets they operate in, he brought forth that in reality, most marketing decisions have to be taken by professionals sitting in urban centers, with limited rural experiences. So the Application must literally “bring the Rural market into their laptops” so effectively that appropriate decisions can be taken. And today, all this is possible due to rapid strides in Satellite Image technologies

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