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Master the Chaos of the FMCG Market with BrandIdea

Transforming Complexity into Clarity

The FMCG/CPG vertical is one of the most intense and chaotic sectors in the Indian market. With a staggering 81% of the market being unorganized, it poses unique challenges that demand precise and strategic solutions.

BrandIdea Analytics is here to help you conquer these challenges, providing you with control and mastery over the country’s deep markets and diverse consumers. Whether you're a Sales Head, Marketing Head, CEO, or a Sales Executive managing a few villages or routes, BrandIdea empowers you to uncover opportunities and solve challenges with ease.

Unlock the Power of Granular Analytics

Imagine having the ability to make informed decisions and strategic moves with just a click of a button.


Actionable Strategies for FMCG Companies

Market Potential Estimation

Action: Assess and identify high-growth opportunities.

Benefit: Allocate resources efficiently to maximize returns.

Market Segmentation

Action: Segment markets based on various criteria.

Benefit: Tailor marketing strategies for each segment.

Category Share at Granular Levels

Action: Analyze category performance & growth at granular levels.

Benefit: Optimize product mix and focus on high-performing categories.

Optimizing Product Assortment

Action: Provide SKU recommendations to retailers.

Benefit: Increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Market Mix Analysis

Action: Evaluate and optimize marketing mix.

Benefit: Improve ROI and marketing efficiency.


Action: Analyze market and consumer trends.

Benefit: Stay ahead of market changes and adapt strategies proactively.

Coverage Gap & Augmentation

Action: Identify and fill gaps in market coverage.

Benefit: Expand market reach and boost sales.

Consumer Segmentation
(by demographics, lifestyle & psychographics)

Action: Create detailed Consumer Profiles.

Benefit: Develop personalized marketing campaigns.

Planning & Optimizing Distribution

Benefit: Reduce logistics costs and improve product availability.

Rural Analytics & Last Mile Segmentation

Action: Analyze Rural Markets and segment them effectively.

Benefit: Enhance Rural Market Penetration and performance.

Sales Analysis / Sales Force Efficiency

Action: Analyze sales data and improve sales force efficiency.

Benefit: Boost sales performance and productivity.

Access Uncovered Outlets

Action: Identify and analyze uncovered outlets segregated by Channel, Estimated Store FMCG Revenue, Profiling of HHs around a preset radius of the store, etc

Benefit: Targeted expansion of market presence and increased revenue.


Why BrandIdea?

BrandIdea’s Business Analytics Product is uniquely effective, thanks to our meticulous data modeling over the past eight years. Covering 600,000 villages, 7,000 towns, and 100,000 neighborhoods across India, our data science techniques provide powerful, granular analytics that reveals actionable insights through versatile data visualizations.

Customized Interventions

Minimize marketing and sales effort wastage with tailored micro-level interventions.

Higher Growth Potential

Drive higher growth by aggregating the effects of targeted actions.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Gain surprising revelations and insights that traditional research methods often miss.

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